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It seems like the only time I ever have anything to add here, it's because I've lost a pet.

This time It's my Ginny.

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Ginny is on the left, Tonks is on the right

She'd been going downhill for a couple weeks, but she was still active and she seemed like she was just getting old. This last week she got really bad and I started having to feed her soft and baby food. I wanted to have her put to sleep when she stopped eating yesterday, and I was going to take her in today, but I came home and she was gone.

I was so mad because I knew she would go today wheather it was naturally or at the vet. I just wanted to come home from work and hold her for a while and tell her how much I loved her.

She and Tonks were my first rats. I got them the summer after I graduated high school from a local breeder (unfortunately they don't breed any more so I won't be getting any more rats anytime soon).

I never realized how attached I was.
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