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question about pain medication...?

my mom took our three-month-old kittens to the vet this morning to have them fixed and the receptionist told her that the only pain medication they will give to them consists of one shot before the surgery and one shot afterward. my mom didn't ask any questions as she has never actually been the one to take care of any of our animals after they have been fixed (i do). when my mom called me to tell me what time to pick the kittens up, i asked her what medication they were giving the kittens and she told me about the shots. the reason i'm posting this is because this is a new vet for me and this is different than what my other pets had to go through when they were fixed. my old vet gave me pain medication to give to my pets every few hours to ease their pain, but all this new vet does is give those two shots, and i would think they would still be in a lot of pain afterward when that medication wears off. i'm wondering if there any pain medication i can go buy and give my kittens when i bring them home tonight? i just really hate to see them in pain and i don't know what to do. :-/ any advice?

and so this isn't all text, here are pictures of my new babies. :o)

eli. he's super playful and loves to snuggle in my arms. he also likes to be wrapped up in a blanket and sleep in my arms. :o)

ayla. she's my little adventurer. she likes to explore and loves to chase butterflies and my chihuahua. hah.
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