kyla renee (xkylaxreneex) wrote in our_lovely_pets,
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help with soft paws

i'm buying soft paws tomorrow at the pet store to put on my kitty. problem is...he's REALLY...not hyper...but that's the only word i can think to describe him. he's wild, i guess would be a word to use. anyway, i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips. my boyfriend is going to help me, but i've never done it before so i was wondering if some of you that might use them could tell me what you guys do. i don't want to get him de-clawed, so i figured this was the best thing. any ideas?

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i've considered using those but i never have. i just trim the tips off of my cats nails. they've grown out of their clawing phase for the most part. i'm curious to hear how they work out for you.